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Holidays to the Caribbean

Holidays to the Caribbean are currently extremely popular, largely due to its glorious tropical weather and top quality hotels. Caribbean Holidays offer a truly unforgettable experience – with fine white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, warm clear blue waters and some mesmerising views. The most popular Caribbean destinations are Jamaica, St Lucia, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Antigua and Cuba and here you can enjoy anything from scuba-diving to white water rafting. With an abundance of things to do families and couples alike can enjoy holidays to the Caribbean. So whether you’d rather a taste of the Caribbean’s fascinating colonial history, or a long, lazy beach break, holidays to the Caribbean are an excellent choice.

The Caribbean is a melting pot of French, British, Spanish and American cultures and as such it is an inspirational place to visit. Each Caribbean island is very different, meaning that you can always find the perfect Caribbean holiday for you.


Holidays to Cuba have everything to offer - sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery, magnificent architecture and rich cultural heritage. Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Islands and the local people are friendly and welcoming. more


Holidays to Jamaica are well known for the laid-back and relaxed way of life and friendly people. It is the third largest of the Islands and has lots of fantastic beaches, exhilarating cascades, towering peaks and coffee plantations. more


Holidays to Barbados are Caribbean through and through. Barbados is a little island yet contains everything you would expect from a Caribbean paradise and more! There are fantastic white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and some beautiful coastal scenery. more

St Lucia

Holidays to St Lucia boast dense tropical rainforest, sugar and banana plantations and the Volcanic Pintons. Along the coast are spectacular sandy beaches and turquoise bays shaded by palms. St. Lucia offers holidaymakers the ultimate tropical Caribbean paradise. more


Holidays to Antigua offer a beach for every day of the year. Many of these are little secluded paradises ideal for holidaymakers seeking seclusion and relaxation. Besides the picture perfect beaches Antigua offers captivating sights and fascinating wildlife. more

Dominican Republic

Holidays to the Dominican Republic boast smooth sandy beaches and calm turquoise waters. It is the least developed of the Caribbean islands, adding to its laid-back charm. The Dominican Republic also has the Caribbean's highest mountains and beautiful mangrove swamps. more
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